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Wool and silk area rugs

Wool and silk fibers need to be cleaned using a more delicate cleaning method. We do not steam clean these types of rugs. Instead, we use clean cool water along with a very mild cleaning solution made for these types of rugs.

Our process starts with us picking up the rug from your home or business. After the rug arrives we remove the dry particles wedged deep in the fiber. Next step is to wet the carpet and hand scrub the fibers working the dirt out of the fiber. We rinse the rug until all the cleaning solution is out. After the rug is rinsed we extract most of the water and then the rug is air-dried. When the rug is dried it is dropped off at your earliest convenience.

Our rugs service is fast, 3 to 5 business days from pick up to delivery. We can also clean your rugs at home for half the price, so the only waiting time is the drying time. The process is not as involved as described above, but some rugs don’t need a deep cleaning every time.

Don’t be fooled by other companies most area rugs are made out of synthetic fibers and they can be cleaned with steam along with carpet and tile cleaning, saving you hundreds of dollars.